Monday, September 24, 2012


Welcome to my Blog! My Name is Jeremy, and I plan to use this space to further and master my writing skills while hopefully being a little entertaining and thought provoking.

About moi? Well, let's see, I’m a recent college graduate trying to figure what I want to do with the rest of life but for now I am trying publish a book about the top 10 competitive matches played in Starcraft Brood: War, in my humble opinion the greatest video game to be released. I hope this blog will be an outlet and a resource to further its development.

People getting excited and entertained with competitive video gaming is not a new thing, see The Wizard, but now it is simply just reaching new heights. With The International 2 scoring over 500,000 viewers for their finals, League of Legends developer Riot Gamesmaking their own cyber TV arena in LA, and the top 10 Starcraft 2 pros making over 1.5 million just in cash money,“E-Sports” is serious business. It deserves more literature like the “traditional” sports get so much of.  

While my love for E-sports knows no bounds, this page o’ mine will also dabble in the whole realm of geekdom, to movies, western comics, TV, etc. Please enjoy your stay, at least for Squirrel Girl's sake : )

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