Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Auadicty of Quentin Tarantino

Within my generation, and people slightly older than me (early 20s- to mid 30s), Quentin Tarantino is no doubt one of the most well known director in Hollywood. The creator of movies like Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino's movies are stylized and invoke a sense of rudeness that peolpe will feel extremley positive or negative about.  His latest creation is Django Unchained, a homage for his love of Spagheti Westerns but with the modern twist of having a black main character played by Jamie Foxx, who in the movie is a slave. It has garnered commercial and academic success as people have taken a liken to Tarantino's vision.

I, for one though, am not a huge fan Tarantino's work. I enjoy Hong Kong cinema immensely, Johnny To is my favorite director of all time, and while Tarantino hides no fact that he takes inspiration from Asian cinema, but if you watch the source material, you realize he uses them more than just inspiration. At least for me, I find his work nothing spectatcular, and with his recent film Django, it seems like he has brought some sort of critical thought about race relationships in the States,  but is this really the case?

This video from a friend on Facebook shows an interview done with Tarantino, on the British public channel  C4,  where he boasts how proud he is of his work, encouraging thoughtful discourse on all sides of the aisle. This excellent post on just show how much Quentin really knows very little about Black history, or any history in fact.  One of the finer points in the blog:

"To add insult to injury, he goes on to messianically assert that the primary aim of the movie was to give ‘black American males a western hero that could actually be empowering.’ Forget historical facts like the Stono and Nat Turner slave rebellions."

The post is short but hits effectively on some of the talking points, like his portrayal of African American characters, in his previous films, have been less than constructive.

Just watch the 1st few minutes of the interview (yes it is that apparent), and see how conceited the man is. Maybe he knows a few things about making movies, but in every other field, he seems to be lacking any inkling of knowledge. 

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