Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Night's Tale

 *I was never much of a poem writer but I figured I'd give one a shot. Been so tired the last two days, physically and mentally. It's hard not getting much family help. Feeling so isolated here too.

A Night's Tale

All words to describe thee
But if what a Knight’s duty was in vein
To quote one fictional character
“Bravery is the kindest word for stupidy”
For all the gallant men that ride into battle
The only reward that they are guaranteed is blood
Whether it be their own or from the brothers around them
All the while the kings and lords sow the benefits
As families reap the dead

Is it better to be the guy that dies in the 1st charge of battle?
Or hide amongst the corpses to live another day

I don’t want to be a Flag Bearer
I want to be the one that survives the next battle
Because the battle of life is a test of patience
Not a race but a journey
Mark one chapter harder than the others
But not the last
Takes notes on the difficulties
And take pride on the successes
Keep on flipping the pages because it is never over
Even if you close the book
The story still lives on through the consciousness of thought
From Night to Day, and back to Night
rinse and repeat
Open it up again when you are ready
Because a good story always has time to be told

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