Friday, October 25, 2013


Recently, I've been playing a bit more DOTA 2 lately, and it has been loads of fun. Been playing a few games a day, only with friends from college, which adds a nice social interaction with acquaintances that I can chit chat random stuff with and get my mind off stressful home issues. This a lot different than before where I would go for long sessions of mass gaming.  It has been just as fun and rewarding too though, which I never thought I could, just play small amounts like that and get that satisfaction. Is it a sign of getting older? Yes, my step brother always reminds me that time management battles is truly the sign of adulthood,  but I have still have that interest for competitive gaming. It is just like that old Football Helmet from high school that people keep in their closet, they don't keep it for the sake of re-using it, but it gets them all nostalgic for a special time in their lives. I am just happy that I can have fun dominating random pubs in DOTA, and still have time in the day to stimulate my other interests.

Yesterday, my Grandpa, who is a Master Blacksmith here on the Island, was invited by the local University to give a presentation about his 93-year old life and his craft trade that he has been practicing since before World War II. He is a proud man and very charismatic, but for this particular speech, he would have to speak completely in Chamorro, the indigenous dialect of the Island that is making a resurgence amongst its Americanized youth, and that made him nervous. His Chamorro is not the best, and he would be the 1st to tell you that, but that he wouldn't stop him from attending.  He was so adorable asking my grandmother, who my brother, the one who invited my Grandpa and is a Chamorro language teacher at that very university, also asks for help, for words and grammar in the Chamorro language. Suffice to say she is very knowledgeable, my Grandmother... But he did well, it was a small crowd but he was an intimate one, so he got good reactions from his jokes and participation with his questions. I had fun too, it was nice to be back on campus. Got to walk around and see a breathtaking sundown in a gorgeous time of the day. Ahhhhh.

This is the poster for the event, my grandpa is the oldest one there, and also the most handsomest too. My brother said the event was a success for the Chamorro Studies Program at the University, in their inaugural semester.  Yay.

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