Monday, October 28, 2013

The Doctor Explains

Skimming through reddit today and I saw a great post, an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)with Kevin Nanney, or more well known by his gaming alias, Dr. PeePee, a name that he grudgingly shares as something that was associated with him back in 7th grade, and it just stuck with him over the years. He is one the world's greatest Super Smash Brothers Melee players, top 3 easily. Here's a recent set that he participated in at EVO, a match that he prepared months for and it looked like his hard work paid off.

Just by his answers, you can tell that he has a successful mind set, and is evident why he wins tournaments. Look at this answer, to a question of why he continues to play a 10 year old video game on a defunct platform.

"I love that Melee is a lot like life. I have to learn to really apply myself and constantly improve or I will be passed by and stepped on by others who want to also be successful. I love depending on myself and learning how to motivate myself and discover myself through the process of becoming a more talented Melee player. I love learning about how to interact with myself and others through the process of continuous improvement."

I really admire that kind of attitude because it is transferable among your other sections of life, the skills needed to master and play these competitive games on a high level.  He's enjoying life but in a way that is not near-sighted or unhealthy, and sees the future as something he is an idea for and he is working for that. In his AMA, where he answers nearly question, he always stresses the importance of hard work and meeting people, and that's how you will improve faster and better. Seems like cliché advice, or something that a good ole' southern boy like Dr. PeePee would say, but it holds tonssss of merit.

Last night had such a fun time too, man. Our spot in the playing order got switched to a later slot, not a good thing by the way, which is incredibly fucked up, because people, like our singer's parents, showed up at a certain time to watch us this late, on a Sunday night of all days. Ai o well. My girl though was so awesome, dancing in her rude girl outfit, nun to some people I guess, and being her irresistible and funny self throughout the night. Even drew out a sweet patch of the female counterpart in this classic Specials sticker :)

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