Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Turn Before the Closing Action

My Grandmother's health has really declined in the last couple of weeks ago, she has become as weak as she was around the time she was admitted to the hospital. My grandpa, who holds so much faith in her ability to fight the lung cancer (a fight she did have but the cancer seems to come back stronger when compared to a year ago), has recently realized how weak she has become, and now is pained with worry. They have been enjoying the days sometimes, with stories like how young people think they know everything and how I don't look a Catholic Priest during WWII anymore (when I had my big beard a few years ago, they always said I looked like one), but other times I can sense their apprehension and anxiety, it is a wild ride that is throws its twists and turns. However the laughs, stories and smiles I get, and have gotten to exchange with them, is something I hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

Found this on reddit just today, what an inspiring image macro. One of my personal favorite quotes from an old Brazilian man of the cloth, Dom Helder Camara, on the hypocrisy of religion, and the powers that pervert any true intentions of spiritual doctrine. 

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