Monday, November 11, 2013

Rosa Luxemburg Graphic Novel

I want this to come out already, looks amazing, from rosaluxumbergblog.

" We have a sneak preview of the wonderful new graphic novel currently being created by artist Kate Evans (twitter; @cartoonkate). The editor is Paul Buhle and the project is funded by the Rosa Luxumberg Stiftung in Berlin.

The graphic novel is due for publication in 2014.

Looks pretty cool, material that combines leftist historical figures and comic books is an instant buy in my book. Active as a political party leader and resistance figure in Germany during WW1 (even imprisonment), their revolution ended though in 1919, not with a whisper but a bang, as they took the streets of Berlin during Spartacist Uprising, but poor planning by leadership allowed the counter-revolutionary parties to squash it. Her story and her work are all so incredibly interesting, as she was killed during that uprising. Kurt Weill, the composer, wrote the Berlin Requiem and included these words in her honor.

Red Rosa now has vanished too (...)
She told the poor what life was about,
And so the rich has rubber her out.
May she rest in piece. 

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