Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kick a Buck

Been listening to this song by The Vessels lately, a gem I found on reddit, called "Kick a Buck." Link for it since the video is not being recognized by Blogger's video feature.  After reading that this is the band that came before The Aggrolites, a band that's been on my hit list since High School, I instantly turn up the bass on my speakers.

The song title really confused me, wasn't too sure to think with the name like "Kick a Buck." Where I grew up was deer country, it really was the kind of place that cars would get ruin by crashing into large Bucks during the night, and it was the name of my middle school band director, and his son who I was pretty good friends with. So personally, it struck a chord in me, but as a ska song, it really could be anything.

So I pressed play, and hear the intro, which I believe is the chord progression being strummed by the guitar and backed by the bass, ok so 1st impressions, I like the beginning, it is an old school 1st wave feel, a short intro, right before the skank section, or the beat. But once the beat came in, with the drums and the keys, man the groove is undeniably catchy. That organ sound with the descending melody line, it is vivacious. It really does sound like a video game track, because with that catchy hook, it has the higher register too, which really admits like a playful and colorful town setting. The 1st game that it reminded me was Earthbound, which is something way back in the day. I remember renting it, and it was one of the special games that had a large packaging box because it came with a strategy guide, the game was difficult. Played it and beat it, but that was years ago. But I've heard music from the series through great games like Super Smash Brothers. Here's the 4 main characters from the game, and now imagining them walking through a little city in cute little party, that's what I am imagining with this track.

The organ playing is slick, the usage of the long held notes followed by stagnant series of short ones really creates a "hoppy" feeling. The bass too adds to the "homey" flavor, while everything is moving, such as the melody and the upbeat hits by the rhythm voices, you hear the foundation being belted. Awesome.

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